[Rovernet] Wheel decisions

Bill Forst bforst at dccnet.com
Thu Feb 27 20:37:50 EST 2014

I have a couple of tough decisions to make as I get my 1956 "90" ready for the road. Just for fun, I thought I'd ask for opinions. The tires on the "90" are narrow whitewalls, which are not authentic to the era, but look rather pretty on the white car. Also, the wheel covers on my "100" parts car are very clean and have the lovely plastic imbedded viking, but they are not authentic to the rounder "90" covers.
For show purposes, should I swap over the tires to blackwalls, and should I stick to the round "90" wheel covers, or go for the prettier whitewalls and flatter wheel discs?

Bill Forst,
Gibsons, BC

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