[Rovernet] Minilite or Panasport Wheels and Big V8's

Jess Rainey jess_rainey at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 23 12:50:07 EST 2014

Can you contact me directly at jess_rainey at yahoo.ca

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On 2014-01-23, at 9:42 AM, "GeffMcCarthy" <geffandjulie at comcast.net> wrote:

> I have 5 SD-1 wheels for "sale". In reality, anyone who wants them can pay
> postage.  Otherwise....to breakers yard soon....!
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> Subject: [Rovernet] Minilite or Panasport Wheels and Big V8's
> Hi Gross,
> I have a set of wheels of unknown make 5 lug by 5" that LOOK like Minilites
> or Panasports. They are for sale. Contact me off list.
> My 4.6 was my last Rover rebuild. All future V8's will be based on Buick
> 300 blocks. I got into Rovers just to have something to put my aluminum V8's
> into that would haul my kids (not enough room in the TR8). Over the years I
> gained an appreciation for the Rover way of doing things...quirky but
> refined in an old world sort of way, so I got more Rovers...P4, P5, P6. I
> drove SD1's because I understood all their failings and could fix them. I
> shied away from the P6/P6B because of their strangeness, yet in the end I
> fell in love with that very strangeness. I still prefer the V8 to the four
> because that's what I'm familiar with after doing them for forty years (yes,
> I built my first aluminum V8 exactly forty years ago this month), but my
> Rover neighbor up in Austin prefers the fours for the same reason you do,
> Gross. I saved a twin-cam 2.4 litre Nissan engine from a 240SX thinking that
> would make a nice swap into a TC, but never got anywhere with it. The
> BW35 is the pits, but I have gotten old and lazy and like my slushboxes. 
> The P6B will get a 700R4 sometime next year. My five speed conversion stuff
> is going to Lance.
> Old Dr. Birdsong up in Fort Worth epitomizes the TC lover in my mind. He had
> three. Shortly before his death (of natural causes) he took me for a ride in
> his '69, throwing it around narrow country roads with a big grin plastered
> all over his face and cussing the missed shifts from a too loose gear lever.
> He scared the ____ out of me but he loved every minute behind the wheel. So
> may we all come to rest.
> Rovereminiscently,
> Kent K.
> Scruggs Family wrote:
> Regarding the eBay 3500S... anyone know where I can score a set of Minilite
> or Panasport wheels?
> Regards, Gross Scruggs Annapolis MD, USA
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