[Rovernet] SD1 alignment settings please

GeffMcCarthy via Rovernet rovernet at rovernet.org
Sat May 10 16:39:26 EDT 2014

I intend to by a very fine 80 3500 from an enthusiast who maintained it very
well indeed.  It is a California "black plate" car, indicating its original
age, with  needless to say, no rust, and also  no sun wear.

He has the manuals on a CD ROM, but I would like to check the alignment
before jumping in it next Friday and driving from Los Angeles to San Jose.in
Friday traffic.

Would one of you kindly forward the alignment specifications so that I can
give them to the shop.  An SD1 is an alien creature here.



Geoffrey W. McCarthy MD MBA DipAvMed

677 NW Melinda Ave Portland OR USA 97210

503-241-8468(h) 503-799-3809 (mobile)


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