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JULIAN BARNARD julian.barnard at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 1 02:33:02 EDT 2014

Hi Nelson - I have a North American Spec Rover p6 which is missing the temperature compensation valves and associated pipework from the carburettors.
Would you or anyone out there in RoverNet land  happen to have these valves available?
Julian Barnard.

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Hello again RoverNet people..
I have many spare parts for P6 Rovers, interiors,exterior parts, most of the items are free for the taking would need them, if your interested  reply back soon, as for some of it i must be getting  rid of in the trash, i hate to throw away something that some is of need....
my location is Southern California,USA

>From Nelson O'Riley
p4Rover 1950-60's

p5Rover 1960's

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