[Rovernet] P5 slow turning distributor

peter king peter at king-co.com
Sat Apr 4 12:52:49 EDT 2015

Hi Netters,

Last Fall my P5 cut out while driving. Just before it stalled, it began misfiring oddly. I suspected a failed electronic ignition or a problem with the distributor, but did not have the time to pursue it before Winter.  I checked the distributor this morning, and found it to be spinning VERYY slowly when cranking. I removed it and the shaft extension and all looks ok, no problem with the shaft or shear pin.  I now suspect the problem lies with the oil pump drive shaft or driving gear…. but I’m not sure what to do next…. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Peter King
Peter King + Company
21 Drydock Avenue
Floor 7
Boston, MA 02210

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