[Rovernet] Rovernet on Facebook?

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Mon Dec 28 02:48:23 EST 2015

I see Facebook as a adjunct to Rovernet, not a replacement.
There should be plenty of room for both ..

South Oz

On 12/28/2015 5:29 PM, Bosse Arnholm via Rovernet wrote:
> Well,
> I am a retired oldie too, 67, and you will never convince to join the
> multibillion US company Facebook.
> I started th Rover Club of Sweden homepage many years ago, as well as
> some other web-sites.
> But before retiring I handed over all those sites to other people to be
> able to enjoy my freedom, which has made me able to make long, long
> timeconsuming trips in our boat as well as in our Rover cars.
> So what is Rovernet about?
> As I see it it's a meetingplace for Rover-friends. A place where you get
> help with everything about Rovers. Or send a message to tell everyone
> how you have solved some problem with your cars.
> What can be more easy and faster than that?
> Sorry, You will not see me on Facebook.
> Regards
> BosseA
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>> Facebook can do as much or as little as you want it to.
>> You just need to take the time to set the page up properly in the first
>> place!
>> This is the biggest sticking point ... it is too open/easy to set up to
>> cater for the dweebs that want it to run "out of the box" and don't want
>> to/cant be bothered to, tinker to improve security or limit access.
>> Us "oldies" (I am 67) are often too set in our ways to embrace this "new
>> fangled stuff"  :-)
>> I co-administer a closed Land Rover Club Facebook group exclusively for
>> club members.
>> No noise, no chatter (apart from Land Rovers) no spam, just good info,
>> PLENTY OF PICS (which Rovernet does not natively support) and relevant
>> discussion of events, projects etc.
>> Cheers
>> Dave
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>> Im with you on this one Dave.
>> For many years I ran the Rover Australia Yahoo email group which I
>> started as a way of bringing those into Rovers a bit closer together
>> and to help those restoring Rovers to find parts or at least find
>> where to buy parts at a reasonable price..
>> It's the point of bringing like minded together that I  now use
>> Facebook for as ever since I've been on it I found many of my old
>> British Army mates who I haven't spoken to in over 30 odd years..The
>> RSR is on it aswell as many sites catering for us Rover guys.
>> No one seems to send in email much these days so like many old ways
>> of doing things I guess email groups will be a thing of the past..
>> In short as Dave said..Facebook is as good or as bad as you make it
>> and so like it or not is the future
>> Den..
>> BTW My dear ol Mum- god bless her- had a Facebook page set it up when
>> she was 77 my 84 year old uncle is on it....You are as Old as you want
>> to be..
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