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garrett bourque gbbourque at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 00:00:05 EDT 2015

Hello Rovernet,
  Here is a list of Rover Saloon manuals and other publications that I have
for sale.  I have acquired them after cleaning out a long time friend and
Rover specialist's shop here in Maine, who passed away last winter.  Items
listed with cost and condition as follows.  Please write referring to item
numbers 1-20 as there are some multiples of the same item. Shipping is
additional.  I will accept Paypal and will ship internationally, or
domestic at actual cost.
1.  Rover 2000 parts catalog for single carb. models.  part number 4815.
Genuine Rover publication dated August 1966 red cover, fair condition with
writing inside. Price $40

2.  Spiral binder full of Rover 105R service records from 1960's owned by
Warren Grundy of Pennsylvania...a real period accessory!  Includes
correspondence with Rover North America, all sorts of repair receipts,
insurance receipts and this car's original purchase receipt, about 50 items
all enclosed in a 3 ring binder.  Great reading, a trip back in time for
somebody interested in these cars!  Price $50.

3.  Rover 3 Litre Workshop Manual, original publication, Part number 4661,
second edition covering cars up to Jan. 1966, grey cover picturing 3 Litre
grille drawing, about 300 pages, Very good condition. Price $60

4.  Rover original parts book for 1954-1956 Rover 60,75,90, hardbound with
blue cover. part number 4093. Good used condition covers. pages inside are
perfect with NO water damage $75

5. Original publication Rover 2000 Workshop manual Part number 605028 dated
August 1967.  Softcover, good condition with only light soiling from use on
plastic coated cover $50

6.  Original publication part number 4702 New, including original cardboard
box, Rover 2000 parts manual, soft red outer covers, dated December 1964.
   Bonus.. Amendment to parts book number 1 included, dated Aug 1965,
leaflet punched for 3 ring binder.  Both items originally found together.
Price for both: $75

7.  Workshop manual by Autopress, by Kenneth Ball covering all Rover 3
litre saloons '58-67. Fair used condition Hardcover Price: $30

8.  Rover 3 Litre parts catalog original publication Part number 4825,
white soft cover, in excellent condition with only light marks on white
cover. A later edition then item 8 listed below. Price $75

9.  Original publication Rover 3 litre parts catalog with red cover.  First
edition dated Jan 1967. Part number 4825 covering Saloon and Coupe.
Excellent barely opened condition  Price $75

10.  Same item as number 10 above, but with missing covers and very used.
No water damage Rover 3 litre parts book First edition with red, missing
cover original publication Price $10

11. Original publication, booklet, service and warranty guide tears in
paper cover, about 10 pages, poor to fair condition, $5

12. Rover 2000 workshop manual, original publication, soft cover, part
number 605028, in fair used condition with occasional writing on pages,
fair condition, Price $40

13.Rover 2000 Workshop Manual Supplement covering 2000 SC and TC Automatic
Transmission for Federal cars (USA), Original publication, Part Number
 4814...First issue.... about 80 pages, Price $40

14.  Rover 2000 Workshop Manual Supplement covering 200SC and TC Automatic
Transmission for Federal Cars (USA). Original publication. Part Number
605485. ...... Second Issue......about 30 pages, Feb. 1968 Softcover, fair
condition with some use, grey cover, staple binding, Price $20 .

15. Supplement for Rover 2200 Part number 605028 S1.  Paper staple bound
book, about 80 pages, covering updated systems for the 2200 in workshop
manual form. Copyright British Leyland 1974. Excellent condition price $25.

16.  Supplement to Rover 2000 Workshop Manual, covering HS8 carburettor,
staple bound paper cover, Part number 605564, original publication, 16
pages. Excellent condition. Price $20.

17.  Supplement to Rover 2000 Workshop Manual covering models 1970 onward.
Part number 607088.  First issue Aug. 1970, original publication, excellent
condition, about 50 pages Price $30.

18. Rover 2000 Workshop Manual, Part number 4697. original publication,
First edition, Feb. 1965, with grey cover, good used condition, with some
fingerprints and writing on pages. soft cover, Price $40.

19. Rover 2000 Workshop Manual, poor condition original publication,
missing covers and title page, same item as number 12.  No water damage,
has fingerprints on pages. Price $10.

   I hope that you enjoyed reading through the list.  Please email
gbbourque at gmail.com with any questions, or call my cell at 207 215 8049.
For reference, I am located in Jefferson, Maine.
Thanks for your interest!
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