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Dennis Gallacher dennis at allk9.com.au
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Hi Ben,
How about sending this to the Rover Australia email group. As that group leans more towards the pre and post war Rovers there could be someone there..

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I have a running 1948 Rover P3 60 that the body is a bit too far gone to get it roadworthy so I have decided to sell the drive train. I need to keep the body parts for my other P3. You can see a video at this address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v8EqGZW23A that was taken before I got the car. I have since added the radiator and driven it around the yard. 
The engine sounds a lot better than in the video and has 30 PSI oil pressure at idle. The car is located in central Virginia, USA. Contact me if you are interested.

Ben Saunders

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