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BruceFindlay bfindlay at pathcom.com
Tue Jun 28 11:35:36 EDT 2016

Thanks, Bill for the update on the Heritage Group parts. Sadly, other than 
HG members I don't know anyone with a Rover car. However, I hope to see Gian 
Frontini on Amherst Island on July 9th who has a Morgan, an Austin Healey, 
an old TR and a lovely restored Ford Model T roadster. When he sees your 
letter he may have some ideas. Slim chance I guess.

Best wishes,


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We have a few P4 bonnets, a pair of early (c. 1956) P4 front fenders, a
couple of P4 final drives, a V-8 engine from a 3500S (P6B), and 1-1/2
Borg-Warner Type 65 automatic transmissions from SD-1s that must be
disposed of before the middle of July, as their storage space will

It would be a shame for these parts to go for scrap, but that's what is
on the cards if no one can collect them...

The parts are located in Warkworth, Ontario, (Canada).

If anyone has any interest, please let me know at magnet (at) ican.net
before the end of June.

Thanks and best regards,

  -- Bill Daddis 

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