[Rovernet] Request for exchange of Information etc

Ray Wilkins raymond.wilkins at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 29 05:58:17 EDT 2017

Good evening from a decidedly chilly (at the moment) Melbourne, Australia.

I am a member of the Rover P4 Drivers Guild of Australia that caters for 
Rover P4 cars and earlier. This year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. 
We are not a large Club but have over 80 members who are all dedicated 
and enthusiastic about their cars. I have been a member of the 
'Rovernet' discussion group for over 10 years from the days when it was 
ably administered by Eric Russell.

The purpose of this email is to ask the members of this 'group' what 
clubs they may be members of and whether they would be agreeable to an 
exchange of club magazine etc. Our Club has an exchange scheme with the 
P4 Drivers Guild in the UK as well as Rover Clubs in other Australian 
states. We feel it can only be beneficial for Rover owners in whatever 
country they reside to share this information and individual's experiences.

I look forward to reading your replies.

Kind Regards,

Ray Wilkins

Melbourne, Australia

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