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Parts and expertise from Dermot Harvey in NY, and Kent Kinard in TX. Both are exceptionally helpful.

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Thank you, sir.  Now I know.

I’ll stay in touch and will probably check in as I need parts.  Other marques I have usually have one or two State-side suppliers.  Who are the go-to guys/places for parts for this car?

Thanks again.


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Hi Bob,

Your email to Rovernet will have been rejected due to the attached photos, but I received the copy sent to my email.  From the photos, it looks like you have a good solid car to work with and it looks like it may have a lot of original Corsica Blue paint that will clean up well.

The 435 suffix serial numbers were the Series II Federal 2000 TCs.  Yours is number 220 out of 238 serial numbers in this range.  I was a little off in my history in an earlier email:  the total range of numbers was 43500001 through 435000238 with no actual cars assigned the numbers 027 through 040.  So only 18 more Rovers were made for the North American market after yours until the 1980 SD1.

Your car has the correct P6 series II hood -- I would describe it as having two power bulges, maybe designed to reflect the V8 valve covers.  The three-scoop hood would typically would refer to that used on the Federal 3500S -- but that is not the hood on your car.  There are very few Series II hoods in North America, so take good car of it.  Make sure the latch and the safety catch both work, because P6 hood have been known to come open on the road and destroy themselves, not to mention blocking the drivers view.  The black plastic grill and headlight bezels are correct for all Series II P6s.

It looks like you need at least the A/C compressor, the big heavy mounting bracket for the compressor, and the correct twin-intake air cleaner to clear the AC compressor.  There should be a parts list for all the A/C components on a sticker in the engine bay -- as I recall, all of the numbers refer to various American-made components.  There is also a  new reproduction of the York compressor available from US vendors.  My recommendation, however, would be to recommission everything excluding the A/C system.  After you get the car running and driving well, then go back and assemble a working A/C system.

The lights and reflectors on the front all look to be correct:  the combination of side repeater lights and reflectors was only used on the Federal 3500S and late 1970 through '71 2000TCs.  The turn signals under the bumper are correct for late Series I and Series II Federal cars.  The round dash gauges are also correct for Federal 3500S and Federal Series II 2000TC (and most other Series IIs).


On 1/15/2019 3:56 PM, Ruggeri, Robert wrote:

Hi All:

Many thanks for the various replies on and off-line.  Very much appreciated.

My car came with a complete  Literature Pack No. 607031 (English Export) but without the "Owners Instruction Manual".  So I need that.

I do have the "Owner's Instruction and Maintenance Manual Supplement".  (FWIW, I also have an unused unopened 48 year-old packet of Rover “Clearex” for the windshield!)

I’ve just gotten a line on the Workshop Manual Supplement 605485 for US spec 2000TC.

But I could use the subsequent Workshop Manual Supplement for the 70-71 changes.

I'm just a bit uncertain what model this 2000TC car is precisely.  See attached photos.  It has the hood with three closed scoops; the gauges and speedo are round;  and the front grill is that black egg carton (which, frankly, is an acquired taste).   However, it also came with an extra set of 4 fenders (without reflectors) and the aluminum grill and headlight surrounds with Icealert attached.  The prior owner had done some body work on the car, so I'm not positive what parts were really original and what he might have exchanged.  Any thoughts from this knowledgeable group would be appreciated.  Is this a Federal Series II?

The engine ID plate says 7/71 is the build date.  VIN is  43500220A.

Again, thanks to all.  If I get it running with AC, I’ll be at  RoveAmerica

Bob Ruggeri

robert.ruggeri at suny.edu<mailto:robert.ruggeri at suny.edu>

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Hello Bob,

Supplement 605485 will get you a step closer by covering the tandem

brake system used on North American market cars from 1968 through 1971.

These are the so-called Federal spec cars, meaning they were modified to

meet US Federal safety and emissions regulations.  I have a photocopy of

this supplement and may have a spare original.  This manual will also

cover HS8 carburetors, but your car has further emissions modifications.

There is at least one later supplement that covers the 70-71 changes.  I

think I have one somewhere, but haven't located it, so I can't cite the

part number.  There are also later supplements and manuals that cover

UK-spec Series II 2000TCs.

Assuming your car is a Federal Series II car (that is, it has the later

plastic grill, later restyled hood, all round gauges instead of strip

speedometer, etc) then it may be useful to assemble all of the above

manuals, because there are very few of these cars and they are a blend

of late Federal components and early Series II components.  There were

222 Federal Series II serial numbers, of which about 200 were assigned

to cars that were sold.  There were many more Series II 2000s and

2000TCs sold from 1971 onward in other markets, but the rest of them

lacked the tandem brakes, emissions control components and added

lighting and reflectors.

Hoping you and your 2000TC can come to Rove America in Massachusetts

this year or sometime soon,


On 1/14/2019 6:33 PM, Ruggeri, Robert via Rovernet wrote:

> Hi All:


> Reposting this here since I'm still looking for an owner's manual and Workshop Manual for a 71 TC.   I bought a shop manual (No. 605028).


>   There's a Supplement for it, published in 1968, Rover No.  605485.  Can someone tell me if that is the right one for my car??   US model.  A/C.  4 speed.


> I have a very good mechanic who takes very good care of my Jag Mk10 and Range Rover.  He'll take this on but, rightfully, wants to see the Manuals.


> Can anyone help?  Spring will be here before long and I don't want to waste the driving season trying to get this car on the road.


> Thanks!


> Bob



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> Hi All:


> I finally purchased a 71 2000TC a few months ago. Needs a few bits, besides some brake work. Just for starters:


> The washer sprays in the bonnet and lines are missing;

> I'd prefer the plain metal wheel covers on steel wheels instead of the Rostyle wheels‎ (will they fit?);

> The AC compressor is missing (what's the aftermarket one that'll fit?);

> The radiator needs repair (anyone have an NOS one instead); and

> I need an owner's manual (can't figure out the array of ‎different knobs, bulbs, and switches across the dash).


> Look forward to meeting the group next year in Mass. Thanks,


> Bob Ruggeri

> Upstate NYS

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