[Rovernet] Help my find my Dad's old Rover 2000TC

Gabriel Gomez capricerun at comcast.net
Sun Apr 17 22:23:19 EDT 2022

Hi guys, long time lurker on here so here goes my first posting, 

Wondering if anyone on here knows/owns my dad's old 1968 Rover 2000tc. The car was red with black C pillars and black sill panels (non original) with a umass lowell sticker in the middle of the rear window. and has chassis number 85901035b. The interior has two gauges in the center speaker grill and a wood/leather flip down 'TC' panel that hides hidden radar scanner controls. My father's family owned it from 1971 to around 1992 when he (regretfully) donated it to a kidney charity thing. I asked rudiger wicke about the car and miraculously he had photos of it from 2007? I have included photos of it from when my dad had it and when it was for sale on ebay in 2007. After some digging around I found that the car was located at 86 Newburyport turnpike Newbury ma (the place in the photos above). The car looked to be in decent condition considering it had been driven in new England since new and had a rather high 239000 miles that it had racked up from 1968 to 1987 and had also been sitting outside for presumably eons. The only rot on the car appears to be on the jack points. Rudiger says the car was for sale for 200 dollars. 

PHOTOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/54Jq176b8xbPEXNx8

I just wanted to throw this out here in case anyone had seen it around. I was blown away it had lasted as long as it did instead of being scrapped right after getting donated. 

Young Rover nut,
Gabe Gomez
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