[Rovernet] Rovernet Digest, Vol 11, Issue 3

James Radcliffe j_radcliffe at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 7 12:27:15 EDT 2014

> Help! I need some brake reservoir hose for my 2000!  They were all leaking  a little, so I thought I'd replace them. I found some 5/16" brake reservoir hose from Pegasus Racing. Alas, they all leak - the reservoir nipples are 5/16 but the steel lines are 1/4" in diabolical Rover fashion. I thought that hose clamps would seal the hoses at the 1/4" end, but no luck.
> So I guess I need some 1/4" hose that will stand up to brake fluid with enough stretch that they will go over the 5/16" nipples on the reservoir.
> Anyone haver any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dermot Harvey
I was supplied with a piece for my 69 Rover some years ago by Power Brakes, Gillies Plains. They very reasonable with they price. They could not be bothered firing up their cash register for such a small item, so it was free!

The bad news is they are in Adelaide South Australia, so the postage will not be free!




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