[Rovernet] P5B and P6/P6B Rostyle Wheels Rebuilt in USA

Kent Kinard kkinard at att.net
Fri Jan 10 11:34:12 EST 2014

Hi Netters,
For any of you looking to have P5B or P6/P6B Rostyles rebuilt, there is 
a company in Denver, CO, USA that will disassemble, strip, rechrome, and 
rivet/true the wheels for $225 each plus freight.  I'm saving my pennies 
to get my P5B wheels done.


They also do Magnum 500 wheels but insist that Rover never used a Magnum 
500!!!  They will build Magnum 500's with custom rim width/backspacing 
but only with the standard Magnum 500 bolt circle...sorry no 5 on 5" 
Magnum 500 centers.

Kent K.

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