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Fri Jan 10 06:31:49 EST 2014

*Hi Lou,I do have one used booster unit, but never looked at it closely. In
the transition or as a service item, many cars were fitted with Lockheed
boosters. I may have some NOS items also. I do know I have one of the rear
calipers (bare). I liked the Dunlop brakes. Had them on the front of
several Studebakers. I have one parts car with Dunlops but it has the
Lockheed booster.Email me off list if any of this interests
you.Roverly,Kent K*

Kent, Lou

Lockheed boosters were fitted to 1960's Mini's so may be available via a
Mini specialist in the USA the link below shows it on a UK website but
there are pleanty of Mini suppliers on WWW though be aware there were
several different cylinder bores so parts interchangability may be limited.


The pedigree relating to the Dunlop system shows it's ability to stop cars
far quicker than the P6 4 cylinder and i do wonder how much 'persuasion'
was used by Girling so the swinging rear caliper was adopted when they took
over the Dunlop braking interest. History they were not without fault.

In the UK the cylinders are still fairly plentiful & cheap but the boosters
command a high price, even for known faulty items that require a kit.

Best Regards

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