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OK, I am not lying!  It is a cold winter...there was a freezing spot in all
50 states in the USA yesterday.  There was more then one in Maine where I
am writing from!  Thanks to all that replied, or even thought about my
friend Ted's Rover 100 that he has for sale!  I wrote the note and did not
receive a copy of it myself, via email, so I was not sure that it went
  Ted offered me the Rover 100 last week.  Ted has owned this for at least
15 years, since his customer passed away and left it to him.  His customer,
Mr. Sexton, was an Englishman, who lived here in Maine during his
   As an added note, there is also a Rover P4 cyclops style car at his
shop.  Definitely a parts car or candidate for a heroic restoration, it is
being offered for sale as well.  It was beige, but is now black, long term
outside storage, but with drivetrain still in place.
  Now, back to business....
  Ted phoned me on Sat. morning and indicated that at least two Rovernet
members had phoned him about his Rover 100 and asked about it's condition.
Ted does not use the internet, which might provide a little bit of culture
shock in this day and age for those trying to deal with him.  Ted refuses
to advertise anything, that is why I would up writing this for him.  Ted
sits back and lets people come to him...which oddly enough, they do...his
shop is a very interesting gathering place and has been open for 45 years!
   In my first announcement about the car, I was brief, not knowing what
response I would receive.  Some of you that I invited up to Maine about 8
years ago, for the Rover parts gathering party at his place, might remember
seeing this pretty DK green Rover 100.  Ted's shop painted the car while
the original owner was still alive, probably about 1990.  There was a lot
more going on there back then!  There are some rust bubbles showing through
again here and there and there are some spots where the paint has faded due
to unfortunate periods of outside storage.  The car has been maintained in
a running state for a long time, with recent gasoline being added
regularly, but it has not been on the road, except to attend an occasional
car show.
  I will warn you that Ted is not a man of action anymore, reaching 80
years old. He may not have the follow through to send photos to those of
you who have asked.  I cannot be sure.  He has complained that he has been
without much money this winter and has decided to start selling off his
unusual car collection consisting of Land Rovers, old Maine lobster boat
diesel engine parts.   Most are suitable for parts or restoration ...a
pretty nice running early 70s maroon Rolls Royce silver shadow, stored
inside for a long time and the odd old '70s Mercedes.
   I will clue you in, for those inclined to travel, that there is great
bus service connecting us on US route 1 in Maine, with airports, and the
rest of the world.  Large airports in the area are Portland about 1.5 hours
away and smaller commuter airports are Owl's Head, about 20 minutes away,
and Augusta, about 40 minutes away.  If anybody wants to come and look,
email me directly and I will offer you a ride to Ted's shop.
gbbourque at gmail.com
    This car could be as large of a project as you wanted to make it, or
you could drive it just about like it is.  For the price, it is an
excellent car, but by no means perfect...knowing what a found Rover car is
often like these days, this one actually runs.  You will not have to bring
a basket to pick up extra pieces up off the ground, while you are coming to
pick your new car up to bring home!
  On an opportune day I might be able to take a few photos for you if Ted
never does, but do not be afraid to come and look at it in person.  You
will visit a beautiful area, even if only for a few hours, and meet, in my
opinion, a legendary guy who is little known in the Rover car world...Ted

Sincerely, Garrett Bourque
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