[Rovernet] 3L gearbox sloppy

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Geoff, the shifters on the early P5's are pretty clunky. You can make adjustments at the shifter itself IIRC, just under the shift boot.

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 Subject: [Rovernet] 3L gearbox sloppy
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 Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 5:36 PM
 I intend to start working on my 3L,
 last owned by Slats Wolfe nearby in
 Neville Baker renewed the brakes magnificently (I
 hope.)  but I can barely
 shift the gears owing to so much play in the shift.  In
 my parts catalogue,
 I don't see any main wearing parts that might be replaced to
 tighten it up.
 Advice please!
 Geoffrey W. McCarthy MD MBA DipAvMed
 677 NW Melinda Ave Portland OR USA 97210
 503-241-8468(h) 503-799-3809 (mobile)
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