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Hello Rovernet,
  This is the back cover of this 4 page Rover P6 Triplex glass roof
brochure.  I scanned the original 4 page brochure and posted it one page at
a time.  Please see the other 3 postings.  This page covers the fact that
the glass roof has a vinyl cover that can be zipped in to block out the sun
on hot days.  For whatever reason, my roof and headliner assembly does not
have any sign of the zipper around the edge of the glass panel.  The round
Rover P6 dome light was moved from the center of the roof to near the back
window, as shown in the photo in the top row of this page.  Another photo
in this brochure also shows the very early rear view mirror that has a
built in overhead light.  This would work well, considering that there
would be difficulty putting one in the normal location in the center of the
roof.  My P6B 3500S had the later rearview mirror, with no dome light, so I
kept using that one, since it mounted to the body of the car differently
then the earlier one.  I hope that you all enjoy seeing this unusual item!
Garrett Bourque
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