[Rovernet] Facebook for Rovernet

Bosse Arnholm bosse at arnholm.se
Sat Dec 26 14:47:33 EST 2015

No thank You!
Rovernet as it is, is very pleasant to follow.
But Facebook seems to be for those who want to show up themselves. 
Well, I wouldn´t know, I´m not there and will not get onto it.
I hear from my wife that there are a lot of "shit", sorry!

With Rovernet we send a message when we need help och have anything to 
say to the community. That is very important and a very good source for 
help and advice, whilst facebook seems to be a chatroom for everyone 
that has nothing to say . . .

As I'm not there I might be wrong, but I'm old enough say it.
And I enjoy Rovernet very much, sp pleas keep it that way!

Kindest regards
BosseA in Sweden

Bosse Arnholm, Södermalmsgatan 13, 431 69 Mölndal
http://bosse.arnholm.se, http://kanaler.arnholm.nu, 

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