[Rovernet] Rovernet Digest, Vol 31, Issue 9

Debby Stasinopoulou dstas at swbell.net
Tue Dec 29 14:48:55 EST 2015

Another opinion from a long-time lurker on Rovernet -- I think a Facebook 
group would be a great addition to the Rovernet world. The ability to post 
photos and diagrams would be very helpful, and add to the value of the 
wonderful assistance with all things Rover. Being able to easily scroll 
through archives and reply to posts in one place would make information 
easier to access.

I do not spend much time on Facebook, but have found participation in a 
couple of closed groups to be a good way to share information with others. 
Facebook's privacy setting allow a group to be "public" (Anyone can join or 
be added or invited by a member), "Closed" (Anyone can ask to join or be 
added or invited by a member), or "secret" (Anyone can join, but they have 
to be added or invited by a member). Look at Facebook HELP, and read the 
sections about GROUPS and PRIVACY for more details on how this works.

Setting up a Facebook account and being a member of a group does not mean 
you must endure all of the nonsense publically posted on social media. You 
can adapt the settings so that you only interact with your group. It's not 
difficult at all!

Debby Stasinopoulou
(owner of 1980 SDi that my husband swears he'll get back on the road before 
we're too old to drive it!)
Beaumont, Texas 

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