[Rovernet] Rovernet Digest, Vol 31, Issue 9

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Dec 29 17:26:44 EST 2015

Well put Debby,
Good luck with the SD1 ....  I have a '62 Rover P6 AND a '78 Fiat X1/9 
in the same category!

Best wishes
Sth Oz

On 12/30/2015 6:18 AM, Debby Stasinopoulou via Rovernet wrote:
> Another opinion from a long-time lurker on Rovernet -- I think a
> Facebook group would be a great addition to the Rovernet world. The
> ability to post photos and diagrams would be very helpful, and add to
> the value of the wonderful assistance with all things Rover. Being able
> to easily scroll through archives and reply to posts in one place would
> make information easier to access.
> I do not spend much time on Facebook, but have found participation in a
> couple of closed groups to be a good way to share information with
> others. Facebook's privacy setting allow a group to be "public" (Anyone
> can join or be added or invited by a member), "Closed" (Anyone can ask
> to join or be added or invited by a member), or "secret" (Anyone can
> join, but they have to be added or invited by a member). Look at
> Facebook HELP, and read the sections about GROUPS and PRIVACY for more
> details on how this works.
> Setting up a Facebook account and being a member of a group does not
> mean you must endure all of the nonsense publically posted on social
> media. You can adapt the settings so that you only interact with your
> group. It's not difficult at all!
> Debby Stasinopoulou
> (owner of 1980 SDi that my husband swears he'll get back on the road
> before we're too old to drive it!)
> Beaumont, Texas

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