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Bosse Arnholm bosse at arnholm.se
Tue Dec 29 14:33:38 EST 2015

First of all, Peter, I fully agree with "British Rover", your 
estatement is superb.

But if you think about the difference between a conference and a 
cocktail party I´d prefere the conference.
I have a Rover 2000 TC from 1972, a Range Rover from 1976, a Rover 216 
Cab from 1994 and a Rover 75 Tourer from 2002. My wife has a Rover 75 of 
the very last model 2005.
So, at the conference I lean back in my seat until I hear one of those 
models mentioned and get into the conversation.
That is how Rovernet works.
How at Facebook I don't know . . .
But I guess it would be like on my emaillist: unknown sender - off with 
it before I get a virus!

On the other hand, I'm not shure that videos would be needed, but some 
attached pictures on Rovernet would be nice.
So let's find out why that is impossible, and if there is anything we 
can do to make it possible.

But if we make it possible to attach photos there must be a limitation 
on how big they may be. And a limitation on how long they will stay on 
the server of course.
And if anyone on the list want a picture I have there is always the 
option send the picture directly to him.


Bosse Arnholm, Södermalmsgatan 13, 431 69 Mölndal, Sweden
http://bosse.arnholm.se, http://kanaler.arnholm.nu, 

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> Subject: Re: [Rovernet] Facebook to be or not to be is that the
> 	question?	Vol 31, Issue 6
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> Hi all,
> I?m a longtime FB user, and I agree it is easy to use, and provides a
> great way for people to share info. You can easily search by topic or
> any other search term in the Activity Log, and Facebook keeps a
> running history of all posts, so nothing is lost. You can also easily
> share photos and video. You can organize info posted to the site by
> photos or blog posts, or isolate just files posted.  It is also
> possible to archive the Facebook page onto your own computer using a
> free download application called digi.me, or other archiving tools.
> The only drawbacks I see are that:
>  1) notifications are not always sent out to all followers of the
> page. Facebook determines who to notify based on activity. This means
> that if you do not regularly participate, you may not get
> notifications. But the content is always on the FB page, and is easy
> to scroll through quickly.
> 2) You do get some advertising on group pages. Not much, but fair
> warning for those who run screaming from ads.
> The drawback to the current Rovernet is that it is really just a
> listserv network, and does not support any images or video. This is a
> huge disadvantage, as a photo or video can do so much to help explain
> a problem or solution. I get the reluctance to hop on the Facebook
> corporate wagon, but I think the visibility and ease of use make it
> worth considering setting up at least an alternate Rover Group page.
> By the way, I came upon this description of the distinction between
> listserv and social networks, which I thought was a bit of fun. I?ve
> included it below.
> ? Peter
> The quick distinction that came to me is that a listserv is like a
> conference, while an online social network is more like a cocktail
> party.
> At a conference, you sit and, if not listen, at least watch a variety
> of people get up on stage and talk about various things. So with a
> listserv, where a more-or-less constant stream of e-mails?presenters
> at the conference?announce all kinds of topics. You read?listen
> to?some, you ignore?sleep through?others.
> The communication is forced on you, though, like a speaker in a room.
> You get your chance to talk back at the speaker, but then everyone 
> has
> to hear you talk?or at least the subject of your comments?too. There
> is a well-defined audience, who are those who are not at the
> microphone at the moment. You may meet some, but only if they step up
> to the mic at some point.
> You don?t get to know people on a listserv, you get to know of them.
> A cocktail party, on the other hand, is for mingling, small talk,
> hanging out with old friends, and making new ones. Share baby
> pictures, book recommendations, talk about events in each other?s
> lives, etc. So is a social network?online or offline. If small talk 
> is
> the bane of the listserv, where there is a moderator or public
> pressure to ?stay on topic,? small talk is the life blood of the
> social network.
>> On Dec 28, 2015, at 9:29 AM, garrett bourque via Rovernet 
>> <rovernet at rovernet.org> wrote:
>> Good morning and Happy upcoming New Year Dirk,
>>  What you just suggested Dirk, using Facebook and Rover Net would be 
>> a
>> good thing.  Use Rovernet, then post the letters on a Facebook page 
>> once in
>> a while.  Maybe let them stay up there for a few months, then erase 
>> them
>> and post more.  Most people would not know what we were talking 
>> about
>> anyway!!!  See you in June, or sooner, if I am in the area!  All the 
>> best,
>> Garrett Bourque
>> On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 6:50 AM, Dirk Burrowes via Rovernet <
>> rovernet at rovernet.org> wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I am always on the fence regarding Facebook. On one hand I see it 
>>> as
>>> conformance to a silly way for people to be addicted to have 
>>> something to
>>> do and to tell others there doing when there really just babbling 
>>> and doing
>>> nothing.
>>> On the other hand I have quite a few friends that will never use 
>>> email or
>>> communicate any other way than by letter or phone. My argument to 
>>> them (and
>>> it is usually about using any number of the club forums) is that we 
>>> do have
>>> a duty to share the knowledge we have and the club forums do a 
>>> pretty good
>>> job.
>>> After Eric passed I had a hand in developing a new website for the 
>>> RCCC
>>> and at that time it was unclear if we were going to be able to 
>>> continue on
>>> with the Rovernet so we set up a forum on the site. Truth is it was 
>>> never
>>> really used and it was not at all adopted it is no more.
>>> So to be or not to be that is the question ?
>>> I wonder if there is way to post on FB and the Rovernet at the same 
>>> time?
>>> This might be a way to satisfy everyone and still maintain the 
>>> group as one
>>> ?
>>> Pictures are nice and they do allow something we can't get on 
>>> Rovernet an
>>> easy archive.
>>> I will ask those more knowledgeable than myself and report back.
>>> All the Best for 2016
>>> Dirk
>>> 10th anniversary of Rove America June 2-5 check it out on FB lol
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> Extremely well presented Peter! "Kudos", Clap, Clap, Clap!  ;-) !!!
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