[Rovernet] 2000TC Bad Brakes

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HI Bob

Comments in between.

> On Apr 23, 2022, at 3:45 PM, Robert Ruggeri via Rovernet <rovernet at rovernet.org> wrote:
> Hi All:
> Brakes were overhauled by shop recently, and both master vac units were replaced.  They also said they rebuilt the master cylinder boosters.

Your car has one master cylinder & 2 vacuum boosters. You can’t replace the vac units & rebuild the boosters, it’s one or the other. Again, I suspect you have had the misfortune of a unknowledgeable repair.

That said, you could also just have something wrong with the vacuum supply.

Can you take a picture of the engine bay and post it? I’ll keep an eye out for it and OK it for posting.


> Brake pedal is very, very hard.  Car will stop, with difficulty, but only if you really lean on that last ¼ inch of travel in the pedal.  The car doesn’t feel as though it even has power assisted brakes.
> Mechanic acknowledges that (although he thinks it’s safe enough since the car will eventually stop).  He says the problem was getting parts for the vac and boosters.  He claims he got aftermarket from the UK since OEM wasn’t available, etc., etc.  Something about OEM rebuild kits not being available?  Whatever.   
> Anybody have any insight into this?  It’s a 1971 2000TC.  I can’t believe any other P6 has brakes like this.  If the proper parts are available I will follow up.
> Thanks.
> Bob
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