[Rovernet] Rover 2200 manual.

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Hi Roger,

I had a Henry Rose Fabric sunroof on a triumph many years ago and was able
to get that recovered and fixed by an automotive upholsterer when I lived
in the UK. I believe he did upholstery and folding roofs. It was pretty
reasonable cost wise and they did a great job. Maybe have a look around
locally for a similar company, it might work out well for you as they could
work on the car directly and make sure  it fits correctly.

Hope it helps,


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> You may be able to order one from the Pitstop book shop in Perth. Their
> website lists, but is special order.
> There is one on ebay right now:
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/ROVER-2000-2200-CLASSIC-CAR-FACTORY-REPAIR-MANUAL-/161354511556?pt=UK_Car_Parts_Vehicles_Automobila_ET&hash=item25917a74c4
> There are a lot of Haynes or Ball workshop manuals as well on ebay and
> amazon.
> Do you know the  history of your car. My understanding is that they 2200
> was never sold in Australia. The were assembled in NZ and sold there. Is
> yours a NZ assembled model? What color is it? I did see one once at a
> wreckers near Adelaide.
> The vacuum operated gadgets would be some sort of emission control. Is
> your car a TC or SC. The TC 2200's had HIF6 carbs which were temperature
> compensated.
> Which state are you in?  Are you a member of a Rover club? Your local
> Rover club will have ideas on somewhere local who can work on the brakes.
> Also there were a few different variations on the rear hand brake
> mechanism, which is not well documented. I can probably find you an article
> on that.
> James.
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